OSS HX-QD® 762

Price $912.00
UPC# 706433762606
MPN: 1542
Weight: 19.3 lbs


Brand OSS
Model HX-QD 762
Caliber/Gauge 762
Condition New
Type Silencer
Weight 19.3


HX-QD® 762

A strong “utility player” suppressor built with patented and proven Flow-Through® technology, the HX-QD 762’s design and development were heavily influenced by the U.S. Army’s CSASS and SDMR requirements, it delivers 136-139 dB performance, is full-auto rated up to 5.56, and is cross-platform compatible up to .300 WM — there’s no other suppressor like it on the market.

Compatible with Muzzle Brake-QD 556/762, Flash Hider-QD 556/762, and Comp-QD 762.


19.3 oz


7.2 in


1.6 in