Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35 Thermal Monocular

Price $1,999.97
MPN: PL77478


Brand Pulsar
Model Axion 2 XQ35
Condition New
Type Thermal


Pulsar’s pocket-sized thermal monocular family—the Axions—have another member – the Axion 2 XQ35! With a powerful 384×288 microbolometer that detects heat signatures over 1400 yards away, this is an excellent device for scoping large areas and locating prey. It then transmits these images to a pristine 640×400 AMOLED display, giving the user clear, crisp image of their target.

With 2-8x magnification along with built-in photo and videorecording, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 16GB memory card, the Axion 2 XQ35 is a technological wonder. The Axion 2 is also supported by the Stream Vision 2 app, enabling shooters to record and preserve all their precious shooting memories.

Weighing a mere 0.6lbs, the Axion 2 XQ35 is made of a high-quality reinforced magnesium alloy that boasts IPX7 protection and operates in temperatures between -13F to 122F. Utilizing a Pulsar APS5 Li-ion battery, the Axion 2 operates for up to 11 hours.



• Enhanced image processing algorithms
• High-quality reinforced magnesium alloy
• Extended battery life. Up to 12 hours on a
single charge
• Highly-sensitive European-made Lynred
thermal imaging sensor
• Fast aperture F35/1.0 lens
• Improved Wi-Fi connectivity with 2.4 / 5 GHZ
waveband support
• Better price
• 1300m detection range
• Pocket-sized dimensions and light weight
• Variable magnification from 2x to 8x
• Built-in photo and video recorder.
• Fast start-up time
• High-contrast AMOLED Display
• 8 color palettes
• Stream Vision 2 App supported
• IPX7 Fully Waterproof

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