Hornady A-TIP Match Bullet 6mm .243 110GR

Price $69.99
UPC# 090255245318
MPN: 24531


Brand Hornady
Model A-TIP
Caliber/Gauge 6MM .243"
Condition New
Type Bullet
Weight 110 Grain
Availability Available
B.C. .604 (G1)


Hornady A-TIP Match Bullets Specifications and Features:
Hornady 24531
6mm .243″
Sectional Density .266
Ballistic Coefficient .604
Minimum Recommended Twist Rate 1:7.7″
110 Grains
100 Bullets per Box
Right off the Press – Sequentially Packaged, One Clone After Another for the Ultimate in Consistent Performance.
Packaged With a Polishing Bag to Prepare Bullets for Loading (Bullets Aren’t Bulk Washed After Manufacture).
Use of a new A-TIP seating stem is required for optimal bullet seating.

Manufacturer Info