Berger Long Range Hybrid Target 6mm 109Gr

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Brand Berger
Model Long Range Hybrid Target
Caliber/Gauge 6MM .243"
Condition New
Type Bullet
Weight 109 Grain


6mm .243 Diameter 109 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target 100 Count by BERGER BULLETS excited to offer the 6mm .243 Diameter 109 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target 100 Count from Berger. Designed for completive long range match precision (PRS and NRL) and this new bullet leaves little to be desired. Once feature that sets this bullet above the rest and is Berger’s Meplat Reduction Technology (MRT). This innovative system produces extremely constant Ballistic Coefficients (BC) and repeatable bullet profiles. With the high and constant BC and this LRHT bullet really shines while engaging targets to 600 yards or more. The .243 109 gain bullet is an excellent choice for multiple cartridges including 6mm Creedmoor and 6mm BR and 6 Dasher and 6 XBR and 6×47 and more. The MRT technology also results in a bullet that has less wind drift due to its constant BC. The Long Range Hybrid Target bullet also has a jump-tolerant Hybrid Ogive that helps give this bullet less than 1% BC variation. Specifications and Features: Long Range Hybrid Target Caliber 6mm Ballistic Coefficient G1: 0.568 Ballistic Coefficient G7: 0.292 G7 Form Factor 0.906 Sectional Density: 0.264″ OAL 1.277 Base to Ogive .653 Nose Length .655 Bearing Surface .431 Boat Tail Lenght .168



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