Real Avid AR-15 Master Bench Block

  • Removing pins can be a real pain. They often become floor-seeking missiles or silently roll off your bench never to be heard from again. And when replacing pins it seems you need a third and fourth hand to align everything in order to drive them in.
  • Real Avid #: AVAR15MBB
  • UPC #: 813119012495
Price $39.99
UPC# 813119012495


Measuring 5 1/4″ x 7 1/2″ (the largest footprint in the category) and wrapped in a grippy, overmolded shell, the AR15 Master Bench Block stays where you put it on your bench. Eight precision cutouts securely hold every pin-holding part of your AR15. Clear, engrave labels tell you which punch to use for which pin. There’s even a vertical mount position for the bolt when it’s time to mount new gas rings.


But the biggest innovation is mounted inside – four strong magnets that immediately grasp any pin you punch out and hold it securely to the block (we told you it was brilliant!). All this and more will make the Real Avid AR15 Master Bench Block your favorite bench block ever!