Sierra 223 REM 69GR Blitz King Prairie Enemy

Price $29.99
UPC# 604544658965
MPN: A7170--09


Brand Sierra
Model Prairie Enemy
Caliber/Gauge .223 Rem
Condition New
Type Rifle Ammo
Weight 69 Grain


Prairie Enemy Varmint & Predator Ammunition from Sierra was developed specifically to deliver legendary BlitzKing accuracy and devastating terminal performance in an economical package for high volume hunting and shooting situations. Prairie Enemy is loaded with the same dedication to dependability and performance that Sierra is famous for—enemy number one for varmints & predators! This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable nickel plated brass cases.

Sierra BlitzKing bullets were specifically designed to combine the well-known accuracy of the MatchKing with devastating and explosive expansion on varmints. The thin copper jackets enhance accuracy and allow for extreme expansion which is initiated by the green, polymer tip. Trust Sierra BlitzKings in your favorite varmint caliber to deliver the accuracy and terminal performance you expect.

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