Hornady SPRFRMNC 300WM 150 GMX 20

Hornady SPRFRMNC 300WM 150 GMX 20

Price $35.99
UPC# 90255820126


Caliber/Gauge .300 WIN MAG
Type Rifle Ammo
Mfg Part # 82012


The DGS (Dangerous Game Solid) is designed for the toughest hunting in the world, where the deepest penetration is required. The wide, flat nose delivers maximum energy upon impact while resisting bullet deformation and deflection. The DGS incorporates a very hard, high-antimony lead core with a copper-clad, steel jacket, this bullet maintains integrity and overall weight retention with no expansion when driving through even the toughest hide and bone. Uniform in shape and size to the DGX bullet, you can reliably and accurately shoot both from the same firearm with little to no shift in point of aim or impact.

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