Hornady 338 LAPUA MAG 270 GR ELD-X (20)

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Brand Hornady
Model Precision Hunter
Caliber/Gauge .338 Lapua
Condition New
Type Rifle Ammo
Weight 270 Grain
Availability Available


Hornady ammunition was designed to let the shoot take any practical shot while hunting. With the ELD-X for stopping power the combination of power and accuracy lets you take home that next trophy.

Hornady Precision Hunter 81621
.338 Lapua Magnum
270 Grain ELD-X Bullet Polymer Tip
Brass Case
Muzzle Velocity 2800fps
Velocity 100 yard 2680fps
Muzzle Energy 4699ft/lbs
Energy 100 yards 4304ft/lbs
Uses Hunting Medium to Large Game

UPC 090255823134

SKU 82313

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