Birchwood Casey World of Targets Olympus Resetting Target .22 Rimfire 3.5″ Paddles

Birchwood Casey #: 47521   UPC #: 029057475210

Price $152.99


Brand Birchwood Casey
Type Steel Target



  • Raddle reset, no ropes to pull
  • Rugged 3.5″ paddles
  • Extremely portable design
  • Innovative frame and stand
  • No tools needed for set up

The World of Targets Olympus will test your speed and accuracy with your favorite .22 rimfire rifle or pistol. Fast paced shooting-gallary-like action is the order of the day with three knock down paddles along with one resetting paddle. There are no ropes to pull or mechanisms to reset.

Technical Information

Height: 21.75″

Width: 21″

Diameter: 15″

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